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Empower your print ads

Carmen · Jun 2018 · 2 min read

Alex, the owner of a healthy snack bar company, sells his goods online and delivers to stores. Many of his customers have a subscription, others don’t. Of course, business could be better so he decides to target his customers more carefully. How can Alex quickly convert from print ads?

47% of all consumers shop via their phones but only 1 in 5 complete transactions by mobile. Think with Google

He thinks about using a specific code on the packaging to make it easier for his customers to review or re-order the product directly. But how to make it work? A domain name means customers having to carry out a search and the QR Code is not the solution either.

Only 11% of Europeans have ever scanned a QR Code in response to an advert. CBS Outdoor

Luckily Alex learns about SYMFIX, the visual symbols badge that converts print ads quickly and is fun to use.

SYMFIX at work

The world has gone back to something we are genetically engineered to do, communicating through symbols. James Woods

How does SYMFIX work?

1. Create your unique symbols badge with a clear call-to-action like buy-now, sign-up, review-us etc. From the product page you want to promote.

2. Share and display the badge on leaflets, cards, stickers or packaging. Unleash your creativity and discover new selling opportunities.

3. Connect. Your customers see the packaging with the eye-catching badge and prompted by what it can do, they go to symfix.it, here they simply enter a few symbols like texting... bingo! Immediately they land on your product page.

That's it. The customer journey is finished in just 90 seconds.

Extensive A/B testing with international users has shown that 85% prefer the badge to current solutions on offer .

After the badge has been converted you have real-time data about the badge usage.

Now you’re be able to find out how successful your latest campaign has been in the STYLIST magazine.

Discover the benefits of SYMFIX

SYMFIX is a smart, gamified solution that works from any browser, it doesn’t require hardware or an app download and is on-trend with the emoji generation. Amazing!

  • ❤️ Improve engagement
  • 💰 Know your ROI
  • 🎲 Gamified experience

Imagine how your customers will feel once they have used SYMFIX, the eye-catching symbols badge you have created.

Curious to know more? Let’s chat: hello@symfix.com