Visual Fast Fun

Turn web links into symbols
share on print, connect in a quick & fun way.

Share in 3 easy steps

1Get long web-link

Copy the web-link you want to share, the longer the better!

Youtube Rick Astley

2Create Badge

Paste the link, add short catchy title and choose colour. Hit Create Badge!

Create Badge

3Share Badge

Tada! Your badge. Download and share it on flyers, stickers, verbally. For free!



We all 💜 symbols. Symbols connect. SYMFIX connects. Quick, easy and fun.

Turn any web-link into a friendly symbols badge, the SYMFIX.


Share the badge on flyers, stickers, verbally, etc. to connect from mobile instantly with your crowd.

Via symfix.it enter the symbols — like texting — and hit GO.

BAAM! You're connected.


Engage faster, sell more, track success.

SYMFIX has amazing benefits.

  • Clear Call-to-Action
  • Eye-Catching
  • Real-time Data

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